Ep. 322 – Play “King Bullfrog”

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Welcome to Episode 322 of the Train Your Brain Podcast. Dr. Trayford lets producer Jason Pyles share the brain training tip for the day! Jason has a great group game that can be a lot of fun and good for the brain at the same time. It’s called King Bullfrog. You need at least 3 people to play. Sit in a circle and designate one person to be the king bullfrog. That person is in the first position of the circle. The person to their right is next in line to be king bullfrog and the person at there left is in the last position. Each player chooses to be an animal and chooses a simple hand motion to represent their animal. The king bullfrog’s motion is throwing both hands straight up into the air. Other players in the circle choose an animal and action. For example, one other player could be a snake and could make a slithering motion with their hand. The game begins when the king bullfrog does their own motion first and then the motion of another player, thus passing to them. That player does their own motion first and then the motion of any other player.

The game should go quite fast and if any player makes a mistake they move to the chair to the left of the original king bullfrog’s chair. The object of the game is to become the king bullfrog. Give it a try and please let us know how it goes! Thanks for listening!

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