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Good morning and welcome to Episode 97 of the Train Your Brain Podcast with Dr. Michael Trayford. Every Monday we produce a 30-minute episode. Tuesday through Sunday we produce episodes with five-minute tips. Every episode of the Train Your Brain Podcast features a tip, so you can receive pointers 365 days a year that will help enhance the performance of your brain!

This morning Dr. Trayford shares braining training tip number 97 and it’s a heart warmer! We have great news for all of you altruists out there! The volunteering that you are doing is so good for you socially that it actually improves your brain function. Dr. Trayford has seen it happen right before his own eyes! It’s true. Thanks for listening!

If you have any concerns regarding the information and applications discussed in this podcast, please consult your physician and a doctor who is experienced in functional neurology. Michael Trayford DC, DACNB is available for consultation by calling (828) 708-5274. Thanks for listening.

This topic is near and dear to my heart, I’m very service oriented. Beyond my occupation, I’ve served as a Rotarian for many years, I’ve been involved in numerous charities. I was raised by a nurse and a police officer so it was imbedded in my personality to serve people.

The science behind volunteerism and health, as well as brain function is large. Socially interacting, working with others, solving problems after retirement, all of this provides them with significant benefit.

I’ve designed a top 10 brain health tips that I’ve given out over the years. People say they love it and they keep it on their bed stand. Service to others is one of my top 10 brain health tips. I’m seeing it more and more on lists, because the science out there backs it up.

There’s some really cool stuff that came out of Harvard Medical School and their Public Health Division. There was a blog a while ago talking about the benefits of volunteerism.

What they did was look at it from a physical standpoint. It looked at subjects that volunteered on a regular basis and found that on average they had lower blood pressure levels. This reduces chances of things like heart disease and stroke and other medical conditions that can have a serious impact on brain health.

Helping other will help you in more ways than you can imagine. They were looking at the levels of blood pressure lowering. They also found that those who volunteered for the right reasons, because they altruistically wanted to help other, had more significant improvement than those who did it for the wrong reasons, like wanting to look good.

So this means the approach to volunteerism is just as important as the service itself.

Volunteerism is also helps people that feel shut in to get out there and socially interact, which is also very critical for brain health.

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