Ep. 345: The BMX Brain: An Interview with Leigh Ramsdell

Leigh Ramsdell

Welcome to the Train Your Brain Podcast with Dr. Michael Trayford. Today Dr. Trayford talks with Leigh Ramsdell about the importance of safety during extreme sports. Thanks for tuning in!

Let’s dive in! Dr. Trayford interviews Pro BMX rider, Leigh Ramsdell, about his personal experience with repetitive concussions and how they gradually impacted his life over the years. They discuss recognition of his long-term concussion symptoms, alternative care he and his wife sought for them, return to normal function, and why members of the extreme sports community should not wait on addressing ANY head injury.

They’ve both noticed positive changes in the past decade in the way sports communities are handling head injuries. It wouldn’t have been uncommon, in the past, to see a player jump back in the game, or to see a rider jump back on their bike mere minutes after a knock out. Ramsdell encourages athletes to speak up about their injuries and get proper care as extreme sports is still suffering from a culture of non-reporting of head injuries.

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