Ep. 344: The Man Behind Rezzimax: An Interview With Sharik Peck

In this episode we are discussing Sharik Peck’s natural treatment for migraines, TMJ, sinus congestion, TBI, pain, anxiety, and more. The Rezzimax Pain Tuner uses specific and gentle vibration frequencies to stimulate the body to right its neurological and muscular imbalances. As we often see, nature gives us precious answers for our human health struggles.

A cat’s purr or even our own humming or gargling activate the vagus nerve. Sharik has harnessed that power to ease pain in the body and in the mind. Dr. Trayford and Sharik also discuss the benefits of Rezzimax training on cortisol levels and so much more.



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If you have any concerns regarding the information and applications discussed in this podcast, please consult your physician and a doctor who is experienced in functional neurology. Michael Trayford DC, DACNB is available for consultation by calling (828) 708-5274.

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REZZIMAX LLC, a Utah company

My name is Sharik Peck. I am the Founder and CEO of Rezzimax® LLC, a Utah corporation. I graduated from University of Utah in 1994 with a degree in physical therapy. I later obtained a Master’s degree in Counseling from Utah State University. I have 26 years of experience helping people eliminate pain from their lives.  My wife Cheryl and I have both suffered through chronic pain. I suffered several disabling accidents, resulting in a stroke, a broken neck, a broken back, and led to years of chronic pain. It was out of these experiences and an intense desire to help many others in chronic pain that drove me to try and figure out a solution. I knew there had to be a better way to relieve pain naturally.

One night 10 years ago, I awoke with a distinct impression that vibration can be used to aid in healing the human nervous system. I threw myself into searching for the perfect tool that would target the areas of chronic pain and muscles that hold onto stress and tension causing conditions like migraine headaches, neck and low back pain, TMJ, stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, and a host of autoimmune conditions. Our family has been heavily involved in humanitarian efforts throughout the world and could see an intense need for people to have natural solutions for the management of chronic pain. We could not find the right tool to help people in the way that we knew they could be helped.

Because we could not find the right tool, we decided to create it, and Rezzimax® was born. The first version of the Rezzimax® TUNER, a handheld device that uses calibrated resonance (vibration) to fine-tune your nervous system, was a great start to help thousands of people. Since the launch of version 1.0 in early 2016, then with the launch of version 2.0 in late 2017, Rezzimax® is now being enjoyed by nearly 10,000 users in over 50 countries.  Those in the dental profession alone have purchased over 2,000 Tuners!  Initial research performed at BYU shows the Tuner has great potential for the treatment of headaches and jaw pain. Still, the initial success was just not good enough. We knew that if we could perfect the Tuner, we could help so many more individuals learn to live our motto: “Tune Out Pain. Tune Into Life.”

In late 2017 we faced a dilemma. Our invention was being made overseas and then brought here to the US to then send it back out to the people of the world. That did not make much sense. Cheryl and I grew up in the US, and we had a strong desire to benefit our neighbors in a great way while helping many people throughout the world. Out of that desire, we worked with a number of local companies until:

Our medical device is now produced in Campbell Scientific’s FDA certified facility located in Logan Utah!
Our decision to produce our invention here benefits 9 Utah companies and over 700 local jobs!
A redesigned and powerful battery system allows the Tuner Pro to perform beautifully for 8-10+ hours on a single charge!
The resonance delivery system provides a 33% increase in strength compared to our original version.
The Tuner Pro has four preset continuous play programs to tap gently into the nervous system!
Best of all, you can now order a version of the Tuner Pro that has massage, “scraping” wings. With these wings you can apply sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue, to eliminate pain, increase blood flow and restore motion. This massaging technique combined with our patent-pending resonance algorithms provides for one of the most gentle and effective ways to get your body into an advanced healing mode.  

With our 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee and 2-year bumper to bumper warranty, you can have peace of mind ordering the new Tuner Pro to tune and balance stress with healing and relaxation.