Ep. 276 – The Benefits of a Good Debate

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Good morning and welcome to the Train Your Brain Podcast! Dr. Trayford’s brain training tip for the day is that there are benefits to involvement and debate. Referencing Alfred Snider’s World Debate Institute with the University of Vermont, Dr. Trayford goes on to say that successful people are often involved in debates on a regular basis.

Debaters become better critical thinkers and communicators. People see you differently when you can hold your own on a certain view point. Debaters improve their social interaction and personal expression. They make good leaders and the become informed citizens. So, make sure to keep it respectful and open minded and your brain will benefit from a friendly debate. Thanks for listening today!

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Dr. Trayford recommends John Ratey’s excellent book on exercise: Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

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