Ep. 139 – Drive Past the Drive-Thru!

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Happy Saturday! It’s time for another brain training tip (but if you’re anything like Jason the producer, this might come as bad news)! In Episode 139 of the Train Your Brain Podcast, Dr. Trayford encourages everyone to “drive past the drive-thru.” He discusses how unhealthy most fast foods are and their ramifications on the brain. Join us!

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This tip is to drive past the drive-thru. There are often times when I make comments in social media on my opposition to things like soft drinks and processed foods, I will often get a response from one group or another opposing me.

I’m fine with opposition and debate, but there’s some common sense at work here.
Fast food is designed to be convenient. Everything in our lives is designed to be convenient, whether it’s smart phones, computer software, or food production. Everything is automated.

The companies that produce these goods, are trying to make every effort to make our lives easier and more convenient.

When it comes to fast food, by and large most restaurant chains, simply provide food that is not good for our bodies, at the time when we need something better. When people are going from one meeting to the next or they’re on the road, is when they are likely to eat fast food, and it’s when they need it the least.

When you’re driving two-three-four hundred miles. The last thing you want is to be putting empty calories into your system. Really what you need are whole foods, and complex carbohydrates. The kind of key nutrients you find in nuts and whole grains, as well as high fiber fruits and vegetables. These foods help feed the brain efficiently at a time when it needs those quality nutrients the most.

Most fast foods are loaded with saturated fats, high in processed sugars and sodium. Sodium in high quantities is a killer, especially for the brain. The evidence of how dangerous sodium has been piling up for decades.

Most places will offer supposedly healthy alternatives. Still many of these options are questionable. Yogurt with high sugar content and apples that have been chemically treated to not turn brown in a plastic bag.

Ideally, you want to pack your own food. Which is pretty easy if you’re going on a road trip. Even if it’s your day to day routine running from meeting to meeting, there are healthy cafés and other alternatives you can find if you look for them. You could pack a small cooler with healthier alternatives.

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