Ep. 288 – Dementia Biomarkers Part 2

Happy Monday to our Train Your Brain Podcast listeners! Today we are going to continue our conversation the Biomarkers for Dementia. The more markers we have the better we can predict how a person’s brain is working and what can be done to push it in the right direction. One marker that we are looking at is a person’s sense of smell. One’s sense of smell can start to go away before things start to break down in the brain, so it is a good indicator.

There are a few reasons smell loss occurs:
1. Certain medications
2. Certain infections
3. Injury to the smell system – most commonly in concussion-type injuries.

Smell tests can be done to see how far away a person can smell and how accurate they are at identifying smells.

Research shows that adults with impaired smells were over 2 times as likely to develop memory problems. You can also get diagnostic imaging of your brain done. So, if you’ve noticed not being able to smell very well then definitely get your sense of smell checked! Thanks for tuning in!

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