Ep. 254 – Brain Calisthenics: Create a Headline

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Good morning Train Your Brain Podcast listeners! Today Dr. Trayford brings you tip number 254. This is a fun one. You can play this game with friends, family members or co-workers. Simply share an image and play a game to create a headline for the picture. This game is funny and it challenges your brain. These mental exercises keep your brain sharp! Thanks for listening!

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 254 – Brain Calisthenics: Create a Headline

  1. Hx = Coup and Countracoup to top Frontal lobe mostly on the L but crossing midline with minimal damage to R lobe. Countracoup was to bottom side of frontal lobe bruising the olfactory nerve under the L eye. There was minimal shearing and unknown bleeding/reabsorption secondary to TBI being discovered 1 week post MVA. Symptoms included: impaired executive functions, emotional lability, extreme sound and light sensitivity, short term memory loss, missing 1 and half time frame from life, word recall difficulties, expressive and receptive aphasia, slow processing with difficulty, rotating sleep deprivation then sleep overload cycles, migraines, tinnitus, loss of intelligence, L side nerve damage to face, altered bone structure in jaw joint L side. I am 7 1/2 years post MVA.

    Many of these issues have resolved quite well over time but there are some residual issues I have questions about.

    1. I have a heightened sense of smell most of the time, at times smelling things that are not present. Can you elaborate on this?

    2. Tinnitus present since the accident happened, getting unbearable with certain triggers, weather. Vitamin B does not seem to help. Any suggestions or distractions?

    3. Hologram cards now make me deathly nauseous, should I be worried? Is that indicative of a greater trouble?

    4. For example while grocery shopping and pushing a buggy if I look to either side to glance at items I get sick at my stomach/motion sickness which brings on an intensified headache. I have to look forwards for desired items, walk to them, and then turn my whole body toward the item to prevent sickness. Elaboration or helpful therapuetic activity suggestions would be awesome.

    5. What can be done about sound/light sensitivity if anything?

    6. I wear my sunglasses a lot but I still get intensified migraines with brighter sunlight and heat, I also have to aware of certain lighting in buildings etc. Should this concern me?

    7. Is it true I am now at an increased risk for multiple brain issues at the injury site including but not limited to cancer?

    I am behind on listening to your series so if some of these are repeat questions, forgive me. I also have more questions but don’t want to totally overwhelm you. I appreciate your podcast and the information you disseminate. Aimee

    • Hi Aimee:

      Thanks so much for listening to the show and I’m glad you are benefiting from it.

      So sorry to hear of the continued symptoms from your injury. Given this is a chronic injury with many residual symptoms, it is quite difficult to give you simple answers to your questions as there are so many factors to consider and so many possibilities with regard to what is causing specific symptoms.

      We do free brief 10-15 minute consults at our office for those looking to address their concerns. In cases like this it is imperative to have a trained functional neurologist assess you in order to give you accurate and effective treatment/rehab recommendations.

      Should you choose to discuss further, please call us at 828.708.5274.

      Thank you.

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