Ep. 220 – Word Searches

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Good morning and welcome to the Train Your Brain Podcast. Today Dr. Trayford shares a brain training tip that is good for the brain and a lot of fun, too! Tip number 220 is to complete a word search. When you are doing a word search your brain is doing several tasks at the same time. You’re looking for patterns and sequences and that is great exercise. Thanks for listening!

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One thought on “Ep. 220 – Word Searches

  1. An interesting podcast, thank you.

    I produced personalised artwork in the form of word searches where people provide me with up to 100 words important to them to hide in the piece. These might include family members and friends, significant dates, anniversary location, favourite music etc.

    People constantly mention how finding the words evokes so many memories, even though they might already know which words appear in the print.

    I wondered if you’d done any research on whether finding words in a personalised word search would trigger different brain function?

    Thank you,
    Clive Sefton

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