Ep. 127 – Brain Games: Do They Exploit the Fear of Memory Loss for Profit?

Good morning and welcome to Episode 127 of the Train Your Brain Podcast with Dr. Michael Trayford. It’s Monday again, so this is our weekly, 30-minute episode. (Tuesday through Sunday we produce five-minute episodes with daily tips.) Every episode of the Train Your Brain Podcast provides advice for helping you to improve the function of your brain.

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In Episode 127, Dr. Trayford discusses brain training games and the research behind them. There is a debate going on right now as to the ethics behind marketing brain games. Are these companies exploiting those who fear memory loss? Dr. Trayford shares his take on the matter. He also presents brain training tip number 127: Gesturing. Using hand gestures while you’re talking allows you integrate all hemispheres of the brain which means you can be both emotional and analytical at the same time. Statistically, these individuals tested as more intelligent as well. Thanks for listening. Continue reading